Zodiac girls coloring pages

Sep 09 2019

Hopkins started writing books in 1987, collaborating with cartoonist Gray Jolliffe on a series of humour books. She has had over 60 books published, many in 33 different countries, including the Mates, Dates series, the Truth, Dare, Kiss or Promise series, the Cinnamon Girl series (published by Piccadilly Press) and the Zodiac Girls series (published by Kingfisher/Macmillan Publishers) and the Million Dollar Mates series published by Simon and Schuster. She also wrote four stand alone novels for teenagers which are ”Holy Moley, I’m a Dead Dude” for Chickenhouse, Playlist for a Broken Heart and Love At Second Sight and A Home for Shimmer for Simon and Schuster. More recently, Cathy started writing for the older market and her first novel for adults was published in March 2017 by HarperCollins and is called The Kicking the Bucket List. Her second title, Dancing Over The Hill, was published in January 2018. Her third novel for Harpercollins titled Blast From the Past was published in February 2019.

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