Yellow hair after coloring pages for children

Dec 20 2019

Yu-na and Sang-hee are two young women with dyed-yellow hair who live and sleep together, and do not care for the usual responsibilities of life, simply doing what they want. At a club that they frequent, they meet Yeong-kyu, another person drifting through life, and Yu-na brings him back to their apartment. Yu-na and Yeong-kyu strike up a sexual relationship, and Sang-hee joins in as well. They two girls are very sexually open with one another, but they become furious when they learn that Yeong-kyu has started seeing an ex-girlfriend, and the girls kill her out of anger. Delirious after a group of young men beat him and the two girls, and rape Yu-na, Yeong-kyu tells the girls that he needs to go see the woman they just murdered. Furious, Yu-na and Sang-hee kill Yeong-kyu, and proceed to vandalize the closed bar that they had taken Yeong-kyu to. When the police catch up with the two girls at the bar, yellow hair having been found in the murdered woman’s apartment, they find the two girls having sex with one another.

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