Planet 51 coloring pages free

Dec 21 2019

On Planet 51[N 1], green extraterrestrials live peacefully in a society reminiscent of the United States during the 1950s. One day, a mysterious landing module lands in the town of Glipforg. NASA[N 2] astronaut Charles T. “Chuck” Baker emerges from it and is shocked to find the planet inhabited. Chuck escapes to the town’s planetarium, where he meets teenage alien Lem, who works there part-time. Realizing Chuck is not a threat, Lem agrees to help return him to his spacecraft before command module Odyssey in Planet 51’s orbit departs for Earth and leaves him stranded. Planet 51’s army, led by the evil General Grawl, arrives to inspect the spacecraft. Grawl, after Chuck’s MP3 player is accidentally started, deduces that the astronaut is an alien invader bent on turning planet’s population into zombies, and a manhunt ensues throughout Glipforg.

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