Paper dolls printable coloring pages

Dec 20 2019

In 1984, MGM decided to produce a weekly series based on the TV movie for ABC, recasting several of the original roles from the 1982 production. Racine (Morgan Fairchild) was the owner of a prestigious Manhattan modeling agency and was frequently at odds with Grant Harper (Lloyd Bridges), who helmed the board of Harper Cosmetics, a division of his family’s corporation, Harper WorldWide Incorporated. Grant was well-meaning but he could be relentless and stubborn in getting his own way with business and his family. Playing both sides was Grant’s son Wesley (Dack Rambo) who thirsted for more power in the family business and allied himself romantically with Racine. (Wesley also resented his father, whom he blamed for the accidental death of his mother, Grant’s first wife, Virginia. ) Grant was then married to his second wife, Marjorie (Nancy Olson).

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