Horie yui coloring pages

Oct 23 2019

In 1995, during the first year of college, Horie auditioned at the Japan Voice Acting Institute for a scholarship, the voice training school for Arts Vision. She can be quoted as saying “I went for an audition instead of hunting for a job, hahaha. . . . ”. Horie graduated after 4 years of training. During this time she entered the SME Voice Actor Audition in 1996, winning the Namco Prize, (with Ayako Kawasumi winning the Special Award). On August 28, 1996, Horie and 21 other voice students (including Yukari Tamura) were unveiled at Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Inc. ‘s “SOMETHING DREAMS ’96” at the Tokyo International Exhibition Centre as the Dorikan Club, a group of aspiring voice actresses.

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