Future trunks coloring pages

Oct 28 2019

When the character is first introduced he wears a steel blue cropped jacket with a Capsule Corporation, his maternal grandfather’s company, patch on its upper left sleeve, over a black tank top and dark gray baggy pants and wears yellow tanker boots. During the Cell Games he wears Saiyan battle armor identical to his father’s that was made by his mother. The present incarnation wears a dark green gi with matching orange belt and wrist bands and wears the same yellow tanker boots. Trunks’ first depicted form has been referred to as “Future Trunks” (未来のトランクス, Mirai no Torankusu, “Trunks of the Future”) in media in order to distinguish it from the character’s present-timeline incarnation, where he is a child.
However, in Dragon Ball Super, Future Trunks’ design was different from his appearance in the manga, wearing an outfit similar to when he traveled to the past, which is a periwinkle colored jacket with the Capsule Corporation logo on the left sleeve (albeit without the logo’s name), a red scarf, black baggy pants, and olive green boots, the jacket and pants appear to have two small rips on the left ends, his hair is now blue, like his mother’s and is now messier, and lacks the two thin bangs he initially appeared in, to distinguish him from his present-timeline counterpart, and he also gains a new sword.

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