Field trip safety rules and coloring pages

Nov 24 2019

A variation on the field trip is the “site-based program” or “site-school” model, where a class temporarily relocates to a non-school location for an entire week to take advantage of the resources on the site. The approach was first developed at the Calgary Zoo in Alberta, Canada in 1993, and “Zoo School” was inaugurated in 1994. The Calgary Board of Education then approached the Glenbow Museum and Archives to create a “Museum School” in 1995 followed by the Calgary Science Centre (1996), the University of Calgary (1996), Canada Olympic Park (1997), the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary (1998), Calgary City Hall (2000), Cross Conservation Area (2000), the Calgary Stampede (2002), the Calgary Aero-Space Museum (2005), and the Fire Training Academy (2008). One of the newer schools in Calgary is Tinker School and Social Enterprise School at STEM Learning Lab (2018) The model spread across Alberta (with 15 sites in Edmonton alone), throughout Canada and to the United States. Global coordination of the model is through the “Beyond the Classroom Network”.

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